Travel Day (11)

Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier | Washington | 2018

My return travel to the Streets of Nuremberg got off to a bad start this morning, when just after 6am I got a text message from KLM that the flight from Amsterdam to Nuremberg tomorrow (Saturday morning) has been cancelled.

Well, let me guess, if KLM cancels a flight from their home airport 20 hours before it actually happens, it probably won’t be due to a malfunctioning aircraft or the weather (which will be fine, I already checked). Maybe because the flight to Nuremberg on a weekend morning had a low load, so it’s cheaper to cancel and cope with a few angry passengers?

Just speculating…..not the first time that happened to me…Lufthansa does that regularly with their short haul connections from Frankfurt or Munich to my city (but here I can get at least on a train). And we got already notified that Air France cancelled the originally booked morning flight Paris to Nuremberg in coming August when we return from our vacation in the Pacific Northwest on a Saturday morning. We get to wait an extra 10 hours in Paris before eventually being transported to Nuremberg on the evening flight….anyone seeing a pattern here?

Now you could argue that I shouldn’t complain as long as I eventually get safely home in one piece. But I’m just not looking forward to this 8 hour layover in Amsterdam when I could be home with the family. And to make things worse, I will need to go directly to an evening event in my clothes that I’ve been wearing for 28 hours by the time I land, because I won’t have time to head home to shower and change. Thanks KLM, much appreciated! And a platinum status card doesn’t help either….

On a brighter note, I got another nice view of Mt. Rainier while approaching Seattle. With the sun pretty much behind it, it was difficult to shoot, colors were dull, for that I already had a B&W conversion in mind when taking the photo at 1/2000 sec @ f/4.5 and ISO 200. Remember, when shooting out of an airplane window, make sure you use a wide open aperture to minimize degrading effects through a dirty or scratched window. Camera was my Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4 Pro Zoom.

Now I’m sitting in sunny Seattle waiting for my flight to Amsterdam to board. In the end all will be well. I hope!

Have a great Friday!


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      1. I’m in Warsaw this weekend and hope I’m not going to encounter problems getting home tomorrow night as snow is forecast for northern England and our airports close for one flake of snow! Hope Marcus you enjoy your family outing despite not being able to go home first. Marion

      2. We were very lucky Marcus as Leeds Bradford was closed for much of the day but the airport had thankfully re-opened by the time we arrived back on schedule at 10.00 p.m. Hope your week goes well too and that Spring arrives soon!

  1. The view of Mt. Rainer is lovely, but I’m so sorry to hear about the cancellations!
    Roanoke is small enough that I rarely fly out of here, but when I head down to meet my mom for our trip in May, I will. They’ve already changed my time on the front and back end. I’m hoping that they don’t do it again. I purposely booked my times based on people available to pick me up at the airport.
    I hope you have some downtime while you’re home!! Safe travel Marcus. -Amy

    1. Traveling has it’s caveats, at least at times. My daughter just told me that a group of high school exchange students from Minneapolis, that her former school is expecting, is also affected by the cancellation and will be on the same evening flight as me. For them it is probably much worse…best wishes for a problem-free trip in May!

      1. Thanks! I need the wishes. The train schedules aren’t set in stone around London because of engineering work being done at that time!

  2. Oh my, you do travel a lot if you are platinum! You’re in the air as often as the crew! A shame they couldn’t arrange you on an earlier flight. I’m sure they would have if they could, airlines respect their platinum customers. I worked for 4 airlines, so I have a bit of experience 😉 But yes, a lot of weird patterns and rearranging goes on in that industry, also for their employees, not just the customers…

    1. Thanks for feeling with me 🙂 let’s see how this works out…maybe some miracle happening when I step of the plane in AMS tomorrow morning, although my hope are low, as they are no earlier direct flights to Nuremberg…..

  3. Statistically, the fastest, safest way to travel. In spite of the nonsense. Airlines and flight are not what they were in the 1970’s in terms of how things get done.

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