The Beauty of Spring

Springtime Bellezza
Springtime Bellezza | Nuremberg | 2018

Another nice day is in the books, spring is coming with all might. The job that pays the bills is once more demanding all my time, but a long Easter weekend is just around the corner. Time to see friends and family, time for some photography. We’ll be heading down to Austria for the weekend, then four more workdays (and the 18th birthday of my Big Boy), and the Significant Other and me will be off for a week in the Big Apple.

I’m still figuring out all the great things we want/need to do, but then again, isn’t planning the trips just as much fun as actually doing them? Equipment-wise I want to travel light, the OM-D E-M1 with the 12-100 F/4 as all-round cam/lens combo, and the PEN-F with the 17mm F/1.8 for some light street shooting. That’s all. Maybe I bring the Lensbaby Trio and/or the WALIMEX Pro 7,5mm 1:3.5 Fish-Eye, two small lenses that easily fit in the bag. That’s it. Maybe I change my mind, maybe 😉

The photo was taken with the E-M1 and the 12-100 F/4. Image specs 1/2000 sec @ f/11 and ISO 3200. Yes, also this photo was affected by me not noticing the wrong ISO setting with which  I shot all afternoon. The Olympus handles ISO well, so no big deal in this sunshine  photo.

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. I love the capture of light! You can tell that spring is in the air! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday in Austria. We will be in Aruba for the holiday. Happy upcoming 18th to your son and NYC sounds so fun. It’s pending on my extended weekend U.S. travels…just need to figure out when. 😉

  2. Hallo Marcus, thanks for posting and Happy 18th bday to your son! Lots to celebrate, it seems. Good to hear that you’ll be visiting NYC soon. Weather should be getting better here, too, or so we hope. If you have any questions in terms of places to see or anything else, please let me know. I could provide directions, ideas and the like in English and/or German (in German, mostly thanks to my own significant other, lol!) 🙂 Happy Tuesday to you, too!

    1. Thanks for the wishes, Alina, much appreciated! We have the typical NYC things lined up, booked our trip up the crown of Miss Liberty, have tickets to the Billy Joel concert in the Garden, want to see the new WTC and the 9/11 museum, visit Top of the Rocks for some sundowner shooting, a trip with the Circle Line all around Manhattan Island, boat ride in Central Park, all the “tourist things” 🙂 ! And then, just have the camera ready and explore the City.

      What would be really nice is to find out the top 5 things a local would do on a free day. And maybe a hidden secret or two 😉 And if you have any ideas what we should probably pre-book would be helpful as well. You can also PM me at Any input much appreciated! Thanks!Marcus

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