Nuremberg World Cup-2

Finally the World Cup fever is properly settling in. I was in the kitchen all morning preparing food for a big soccer party with our neighbors this afternoon when Germany takes on Mexiko in their quest to defend the Cup. The weather is fine, so we’ll watch together in our driveway on the big screen. Plenty of food and drinks and hopefully a good match. Let the games truly begin….

Nuremberg World Cup

Nuremberg World Cup-3

Have a great Sunday


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  1. Bit behind with my comments at moment due to holidays and WiFi connection. Watched the last bit of Germany Sweden match including last-minute winner, with a French commentary. World Cup fever well and truly underway.

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      1. What a gracious sports fan you are, Marcus. So glad you didn’t let it dampen the festivities. 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead as well!

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      1. Fingers cross they get better, wouldn’t be the same with out Germany in it. We had a surprise tonight, England won, not sure we will be in it very long either, but they did try for such a young team 🙂 Glad it didn’t spoil the party 🙂

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