Variations on a Tunnel

Chicago Color Therapy 02
1/160 sec @ f/1.8,  ISO 1600,  17mm

Here are some more variations from the passenger tunnel between concourses B and C of Chicago O Hare’s Terminal 1. I took the photos while connecting through ORD last week. They show a different view of the tunnel than the photos I showed in my post “Travel Day (13)“. A good example how you can play with your camera, working the scene with different creative approaches. For three more images continue after the jump…

Chicago Color Therapy 04
1/1000 sec @ f/1.8,  ISO 1600,  17mm
Chicago Color Therapy 01
1/320 sec @ f/2,  ISO 1600,  17mm
Chicago Color Therapy 03
1/250 sec @ f/2.5,  ISO 1600,  17mm

All photos taken with the PEN-F and the mZuiko 17mm F/1.8. RAW conversion and post processing in Adobe Lightroom CC.

Wish you a great Wednesday!


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  1. I love your stories. I always try to peak for a read! I wish I could spend more time on my blog too just as awesomely as you do it. Great work I’ve been following for like 2 years lol

  2. Stunning images! Vibrant colors, leading lines, composition, mood, look, the title “Variations on a Tunnel” they together they tell a visual story of how airports could look like sometime in the near future. That would really be nice. Thanks for posting!

      1. You’re welcome Marcus – and it’s always a delight to discover your take on the world – always fresh, not predictable or formulaic. – Douglas

  3. Stunning lines, shapes, and colors…the images seem to have an intermix of reality and abstract elements…brought to mind futuristic drawings I saw when so much younger. Thank you for sharing.

  4. As a flight attendant, I tend to take airports for granted. Thank you for these pictures and painting these airports in a different light.

  5. Fantastic images, Marcus! You should offer these to the airport to see if they want to use them in their promotional materials. (Because honestly, your images make we want to seek out this airport as a destination in its own right!)

  6. I think I might have gone through one of these tunnels a few years back. Unlike you I never thought about taking pictures. 🙁

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