Travel Day (15)

Takeoff from PDX
Takeoff from PDX | 1/1000 sec – f/8 – ISO 200 – 100mm

Back home from yet another week in Portland. The week itself was uneventful and just work. But my flight back, unfortunately once more with my “favorite” airline United,  provided for another bad experience, just two weeks after my United disaster on my way to Memphis. This time all seemed perfect. Initially. Our Airbus A320 was perfectly on time, already out of the gate at PDX airport, when suddenly the captain came on and said we need to go back into the gate, as the aircraft was imbalanced due to improper loading, so they would need to unload bags from the back and put them into the front.

For sure I was happy the pilots found out while still on the ground, but then, fixing the screw up of the ground ops team cost us 45 minutes. Which is not good when my connection time in Chicago was just 55 minutes, which is already on the short side for such a big airport. I asked the flight attendant if they have any information on the connections, if they hold the plane or if we get rebooked. The answer I got was that they have no information and can’t get in touch with anyone on the ground. Comfortingly she said that they normally don’t hold planes and even try to get the international flights out on time and helpfully suggested that I could check the inflight magazine in the seat pocket for the fastest way to get from one concourse to the other. But she did offer me a red wine to help relaxing.

I had a window seat, and at least I got treated to some nice aerial views of Mount Hood, the barren landscape of Montana and of the Chicago skyline during arrival. For those photographs and how the story ended, continue after the jump…

Mount Hood
Mount Hood | 1/640 sec – f/8 – ISO 200 – 75mm
Montana Landscapes 01
Montana | 1/400 sec – f/9 – ISO 200 – 41mm
Montana Landscapes 03
Montana Cloudscapes | 1/1000 sec – f/11 – ISO 200 – 50mm
Montana Landscapes 02
Montana | 1/800 sec – f/8 – ISO 200 – 86mm
Montana Landscapes 04
Montana | 1/500 sec – f/9 – ISO 200 – 47mm
Chicago Skyline
Chicago  | 1/160 sec – f/4 – ISO 400 – 75mm

We touched down in Chicago at 5:24pm, taxied for a  few minutes and arrived at the very end of the B gates at 5:34pm. My advantage was that I was seated in row 2, so I grabbed my roller bag and backpack, was the second passenger out the door and raced like Usain Bolt at the Olympics through concourse B, down through the colorful connecting tunnel (if you are a frequent reader of this blog you have seen the photos) to concourse C, up the stairs and over to the gate. The gate agent didn’t even bother to check my passport, scanned my boarding pass and let me into the plane. I just heard a “glad you made it, sir” from the purser of the United 777, then he closed the door behind me. We pushed back at 6:01pm, again on time.

Lessons Learned? Don’t fly United! And 25 minutes is a long enough connection time for Chicago O’Hare, as long as you can run.

All photos taken with the Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/2.8. Post-processed in Lightroom CC Classic.

Wish you a great Saturday!


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  1. Love the photos Marcus!! I’m glad you made your flight, but it’s sad that they couldn’t be more helpful in giving you information about the connections. I’ve had to run through airports…it isn’t fun!

    1. Thanks, Hien, so much appreciated! I was happy for the map in their entertainment system that I was able to play on my phone, so I could follow the routing. One day I want to visit Montana on the ground as well! Marcus

  2. Flying today is no fun, too much has changed in thirty years or more. Great photos Marcus! I will be on a United fight next month. Fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks, John, much appreciated! I remember the old flying days when people where still allowed to smoke in their seats. And we all had paper tickets. You’ll be ok on your United flight, no worries! That’s a “me” thing I think ….

      1. Oh man the smoking! It seemed wrong then and it’s ever more wrong today, glad it was stopped. My flight is short from Vegas to Michigan via OHare. Yuck. I do not! Like that airport but my layover will be one hour next month, so I won’t have to run through the airport this time. ❤️🙏🏻😎

    1. Thanks, C.S., really appreciate your comment! The secret is having a clean window and trying to get rid of the reflections from inside of the plane. I do get funny looks when I occasionally throw my jacket over my head 😉

  3. No longer the luxuriious way to travel, and with winter weather storms it won’t be getting any better..happy you made your connection, thanks for the photos

    1. Thanks, Alice, you are so right with the upcoming winter. Well, I have one last trip to Portland coming up just after Thanksgiving, then I’m done for this year. Happy Sunday! Marcus

  4. You didn’t mention whether the red wine succeeded in helping you relax, but it sure helped you get some wonderful shots, Marcus! 🙂 Sorry about the involuntary interval workout you were subjected to in Chicago, but I’m really glad (and impressed) you made your flight.

    1. Thanks, Heide, your kind words made my Sunday 😉 ! Red wine always makes me relax (probably I should not write this as I do have underage readers) 🙂 ! I was impressed myself. It took me half the Atlantic crossing to catch my breath again 😉 Have a good Sunday! Marcus

      1. No worries, Marcus — I don’t think it will be any great revelation to your underage readers that red wine can be relaxing. 😉 Glad you’re giving yourself a pat on the back for these photos, though. You deserve it!

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. And I’m, too, glad that you didn’t miss your flight after all and made it home safely. Lately I’ve been flying quite a lot, myself. It’s not often an experience I look forward to, especially when it involves connecting flights…. Thanks again for sharing the images, though. Spectacular views!

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