iPhoneography by Night

Schwäbisch Hall Market Place
Schwäbisch Hall Market Place

Lately I have been playing a lot with my iPhone 8plus, photographically that is. During a trip to the nearby historic town of Schwäbisch Hall I was taking some night shots with the iPhone, just to see what I can get out of this images when importing them into Lightroom. I have to admit the results are not that bad at all, the dynamic range is quite amazing, for a phone. For more photos continue after the jump…

Schwäbisch Hall Market Place
Schwäbisch Hall Market Place

After importing into Lightroom, I just opened up the shadows a bit and saturated the colors (first image) or converted to monochrome.

Schwäbisch Night-3
St. Michael – Schwäbisch Hall

At least what concerns an iPhone 8, the camera is suitable also for some night photography. Especially, when you don’t have your real camera with you. Or, as in my case, you don’t feel like taking it out of your backpack.

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Have a great Saturday!


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  1. Marcus, if somebody handed you a toy camera from a box of cereals you would still manage to take incredible photos 🙂

    Smartphone cameras and computacional photography are indeed moving forward at an incredible place. I sometimes compare pictures taken with my current phone with the ones we took with our old phones on our 2015 round-the-world trip, and the difference is shocking!

    – Verne

  2. I have switched to clicking pictures on my phone for night photography because my DSLR is laggard when it comes to low light photography. I’m not using iPhone but the results are way better because it uses the dual lens, one for color and the other for monochrome. In fact, a large number of pictures on my blog now relies on phone pictures.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Arv, much appreciated! Phone photography really has come a long way! I hope more people get into photography via their phones. If there were more photographers, the world would be a better place! Hope you had a great weekend! Marcus

  3. Very good photos! I often find myself taking pictures with my S7 Edge, and I have to admit, it is good. Of course not a replacement of the DSLR, but when I’m not in the mood to taking my camera with me.

  4. Great shots, Marcus! You’ve once again proven that the camera doesn’t make a good photograph — the photographer does.

  5. The lenses and AI in smart phones are improving so much, and you can get great results. I got my Huawei p10 specifically for the camera. Having a third camera on me is useful.

    I passed an assignment with a photo that was taken on my phone.

    The main downfall with the Huawei is that it over exposes whites, so I know when not to use it.

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