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Sunrise Rainbow | 2018 | Depoe Bay
Sunrise Rainbow | 2018 | Depoe Bay

My Saturday spent at the coast of the great Pacific Ocean wasn’t all that bad. There was magic in the early morning, and there was magic at the end of the day. It started with a magnificent rainbow, that appeared out of nowhere behind the rugged shoreline of Depoe Bay when the sun came up behind the hills. I captured it with my iPhone Xs. I did have my Olympus PEN-F with the 12-40mm F/2.8 with me, but the 12mm wasn’t wide enough to capture the rainbow in its entirety. So I reverted to my iPhone for a panoramic shot. I got lucky that I even captured a crashing wave while panning. Where there is a rainbow there is also rain. It was the first time, but not the last on this day, that I got thoroughly soaked. The early bird got really wet before getting back to the place where I was staying.

Sunset Lighthouse | 2018 | Yaquina Head
Sunset Lighthouse | 2018 | Yaquina Head

Also the last photo of the day I took with the iPhone. Image quality has become so good, that I don’t bother shooting several photos for a panoramic view with my cam and stitching them later in Lightroom. I simply use my phone with one easy pan. When taking this last photo of the day with the magic evening light behind Newport’s Yaquina Head Lighthouse, I was once more thoroughly wet, as I got caught by a passing intense shower while being down below at the tide pools below the cliffs.

I have to admit there were not too many days of my photographic career where the first and last images of the day where similar memorable. Obviously, there where plenty more photos taken during my day on the coast, but this is for another post.

Wish you a great Sunday!


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  1. Your photographs are amazing, and could be an ad for that new iPhone’s camera! How fortunate you are to have been at the coast that day to experience (and capture) such special moments.

    1. Thanks, Marsi, so much appreciate your kind words! I love the Oregon coast, and the weather that day was special, I truly was grateful I could capture it that way. 15 minutes later it was pouring down again….

  2. It looks like a beautiful day! I love that double rainbow!! It looks like you were treated with a beatiful sky on both ends of the day. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  3. I love how unassuming you are, Marcus. You say your weekend “wasn’t all bad,” and then you hit us with these SPECTACULAR photos. And with your iPhone, no less! Respekt. 🙂

  4. Very nice shots! I find it interesting that yesterday I also witnessed, photographed and posted pictures of a rainbow! Nature and Earth continues to provide very similar as well as very diverse opportunities for us to enjoy.

  5. A gift given to you by nature…the awesome moments that can never be repeated…a gift shared via technology…silently shared. Thank you.

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