The last sunset

1/80 sec - f/16 - ISO 640 - 40mm
Depoe Bay – Oregon | 2018 | 1/80 sec – f/16 – ISO 640 – 40mm

Okay, maybe the title is a bit exaggerated – it was only the last sunset of November. But a dramatic one for sure. After a day full of Oregon liquid sunshine and a nasty drive from Portland to the coast I just made it to Depoe Bay about 30 minutes prior to sunset. And after all that heavy rain the sky amazingly cleared for a few minutes, just as I got to the coast. I snapped away with two cameras, the OM-D E-M1 with the 40-150mm F/2.8 and the PEN-F with the 12-40mm F/2.8. With the heavy wind, plenty of salt and water in the air I was glad I had two bodies and didn’t need to change lenses in those conditions. After 15 minutes all hell broke loose with a thundershower with another downpour and hail. Before it cleared the sun was down and the last day of November was lost in a wet, dark night. For a few more photos continue after the jump…

1/640 sec - f/4 - ISO 200 - 150mm
1/640 sec – f/4 – ISO 200 – 150mm
1/5 sec - f/22 - ISO 100 - 40mm
1/5 sec – f/22 – ISO 100 – 40mm
1/800 sec - f/4.5 - ISO 200 - 150mm
1/800 sec – f/4.5 – ISO 200 – 150mm
1/320 sec - f/4 - ISO 400 - 160mm
1/320 sec – f/4 – ISO 400 – 160mm

I felt lucky to just have reached the coast for the only 15 minutes of decent light all day. The forecast for tomorrow is not much better, but let’s see what the day will bring.

While writing this, I’m enjoying a cozy warm fire, a glass of wine and the sounds of the breaking waves below my window. Life can be worse…

Wish you all a great start into December!


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  1. That looks like an angry sky!! Great captures Marcus! And yes, things could be a lot worse than a glass of wine and the sound of crashing waves 😉

  2. Your photos always make me wanna learn about photography and try to have such amazing photos. They are awesome

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! There are plenty of tips and inspirations in the free Learning Center in my blog for you to check out! Just go and shoot and practice, any camera (and phone) can do! Marcus

      1. Hey Marcus. I was just reading “Birding Without Borders” … a story of a 30 year old birder who spent 2015 traveling the world and spotting a record 6042 bird species within one year. He flew 100,514 miles on 112 flights on every continent and the worse experience he had was in the US on United.
        Thought you could sympathize.

      2. Next time I’m in Portland I will go to Powell’s and see if they have a used copy. Sounds like a good narrative! Hope your week is going well, Allan! Marcus

      3. Powell’s was my favorite when I lived in Portland in ‘77. I was broke, but bought books… if there was money left, I bought food (and beer).

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