Instant Inspiration (30) – Look for that different face

A woman's face on a huge electronic billboard in Chicago
Chicago | 2019

“Instant Inspiration” is my series for you  if you look for something to overcome “Photographer’s Block”  or simply want to shoot something that you have never tried, or at least not recently. With episode 30 (!!) I want to inspire you to go looking for those different kind of face….

Mural with a woman's face with a reflection in a car roof
Bayreuth | 2019

During the course of the last couple of days, while doing some Street Photography, I came across three oversized faces on buildings in three different cities: Chicago, Dresden and Bayreuth. Which prompted me to do a post about them, as murals (or billboards) with big faces are not that unusual.

Mural with a woman's face looking out of a historic building in Dresden
Dresden | 2019

So why don’t you pick up your camera and go face-hunting in your own city. You might be amazed what you discover. Look for different ways to place them in your frame, as I show you in my examples here in this post. Look for reflections, frame then in a creative way or put yourself into the image in a nice juxtaposition.

Thalwil | 2019
Juxtaposition of people walking before giant mural girl in Portland
Portland | 2019
Portland | 2017

You can also try to include real people in the frame, which can result in great juxtapositions.

Portland Color Night Steet Photography
Portland | 2017
Portland Color Night Steet Photography
Portland | 2017

So next time your are out with your camera, go looking for that different kind of face.

If you look for more “Instant Inspirations”, you will find them and all my Street Photography quick tips in my free Learning Center

Wish you all a great Tuesday!


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  1. I love murals and these are amazing!! I know we have a few around here. I need to find out if any are faces. Sounds like a good “treasure hunt”! 🙂

      1. Oh my goodness! Snow?! FYI- I did cast my vote, but not sure my comment showed up (maybe randomly placed in spam?)

  2. Amazing. Loved that you included and memorialized part of your own face in one of the shots. Great work as always. Your creativity is out of this world.

  3. What a beautiful series, Marcus! I must say I’m partial to the a artist’s self-portrait — and also the blue man with a fire hydrant for a nipple. (Because the only thing that makes these murals better is an extra shot of creativity.)

  4. I’m curious on how you did the selfie Marcus. Are you standing in front of a photo of the 2 women ? or is there a real life woman in the mix?

    Neat of you to have a photo where we’re thinking “How’d he do that?”

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sandy, so much appreciated! I was standing in front of a billboard add at a train station. It is a photo of two women where I put myself into the mix.

  5. That is so wonderful, Marcus! These photographs are Art!
    I also like a lot your selfie, it’s highly creative and unique!
    Best wishes to you!

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