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Update: “Ginger” was voted 4th overall in the N2025 Open Call and will go into the realization stage! Thanks to all who supported with their votes!

I am involved in a creative project that is trying to support Open Call N2025, an initiative within the framework of Nuremberg’s application to become the European Capital of Culture in 2025. The realisation of the 7 projects with the most votes will be funded with 5000 EUR, plus the Jury will select another 3 projects that will be funded.

The project is the creation of “Ginger”, a platform for local and foreign communities meeting in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. We want to create an independent, quarterly print magazine that celebrates creativity in all its forms in the Nuremberg area. The idea is for GINGER to develop into a movement and a collective that brings together all kinds of local creators: artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, writers, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, marketers… etc.

The Ginger project was started by Cécile Boudjenah (expat from France, marketer) andIngrid Sabisch (local, illustrator). The photos in the Ginger “Mockup” of the application are from me 🙂

Here is the link to the OpenCall (English)

Here is the link to the “Ginger” application with a vote button (English)

Voting is open until tomorrow, Sunday, May 5th. I would really appreciate for you to vote and support the “Ginger” application. Currently, we are in 9th place (of 94 projects), but we still need votes to keep us in the Top 10. Should it go forward, I will keep you updated via this blog!

Thanks for voting and wish you a nice Saturday!


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      1. Haha we wouldn’t have it any other way. Congratulations my friend, I never had any doubt. Just look at your work. Hugs

  1. oh no! I only got your email/this post this morning monday May 6th…and it is too late to vote. Too bad. Read about the Ginger Project through your link and it sounds really cool. Good luck with it! Hope it moves forward.

    1. Thanks, Claudia, appreciate your support so much! No worries with missing the deadline, we came in as one of the winning projects. Now the real work starts 🙂

      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry I couldn’t vote. Always a bit behind with checking emails so obviously the deadline has been and gone. Best of luck to the project.

  2. Hi Marcus, I’ve now registered and voted for your project. Hope it helps. You might have noticed that I’ve been to Germany twice already this year. I’m working up to Nuremberg! Enjoy the May Day weekend. We’re at home and its very chilly.

    1. Thanks, Marion, this is so much appreciated! Looking forward meeting you here 🙂 ! We are supposed to get snow flurries later tonight. Crazy! Have a great weekend yourself! Marcus

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