Nuremberg Subway Instawalk (2)

Motion blur view of a passenger descending into a subway station in Nuremberg
2,5 sec – f/22 – ISO 200 – 12mm

As promised, this is the second set of images that I took during an Instawalk through the Nuremberg subway system (read part 1 here). Thanks to Igers Nürnberg and VGN for making it possible. We were allowed to bring tripods, and did shooting in stations and out of the front window of our driverless subway while traveling between stations.

Motion blur view of a subway station in Nuremberg
0,4 sec – f/6.3 – ISO 200 – 12mm

I took most photos with my favorite cam/lens combo, the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4 Pro Zoom. Shooting in the low light underground was a perfect testing ground for the great image stabilization of the M1X combined with the lens-internal stabilized 12-100 F/4. The other camera I brought was the Olympus PEN-F with the WALIMEX Pro 7,5mm 1:3.5 Fish-Eye. We spent nearly 3hours in the subway system. The admins divided us into three groups, each exiting and shooting at different stations so we did not get into each others ways. See below more images from the walk.

Motion blur view of passengers exiting a subway in Nuremberg
1 sec – f/11 – ISO 200 – 44mm
Fisheye view of Sündersbühl Subway Station
1/40 sec – f/4 – ISO 400 – 7.5mm
Architectural view of Sündersbühl Subway Station Nuremberg
1 sec – f/10 – ISO 200 – 12mm
Girl's legs in a subway
1/30 sec – f/4 – ISO 1600 – 100mm
Fisheye view of Friedrich-Ebert-Platz Subway Station Nuremberg
1/8sec – f/4 – ISO 200 – 7.5mm
Fisheye view of Friedrich-Ebert-Platz Subway Station Nuremberg
1/4 sec – f/4 – ISO 200 – 7.5mm
Photographers reflections in a mirror ceiling
0.3 sec – f/6.3 – ISO 200 – 47mm
Architectural shot of Friedrich-Ebert-Platz subway station in Nuremberg
1/13 sec – f/8 – ISO 200 – 13mm
Fisheye view of Friedrich-Ebert-Platz Subway Station in Nuremberg
1/6 sec – f/4 – ISO 200 – 7.5mm
Fisheye view of a Subway Station with incoming train in Nuremberg
1/4 sec – f/4 – ISO 200 – 7.5mm
Architectural view of Maxfield Subway Station in Nuremberg
1/5 sec – f/4 – ISO 640 – 7.5mm
Fisheye view of Plärrer Subway Station in Nuremberg
1/10 sec – f/4 – ISO 640 – 7.5mm

I hope you enjoyed also the second set of my images from Nuremberg’s underground.

As with all Instawalks before, I really enjoyed the excursion with a group of likeminded photographers. We all had fun with the tour and the inspirations we took from one another, because each participant had different artistic takes on what and how to photograph. Thanks once more to the admins of the Nuremberg Instagram community and to the VGN for making this marvelous experience possible.

If you feel like picking up your camera this weekend and are looking for tips and inspirations around photography, check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a sunny Saturday!


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  1. Amazing perspectives and composition. You’ve captured some great ones!! I especially love the feeling of rapid movement created in the second photo. It reminds me of warp speed.

    1. Fab subway images. Love the composition on them and the orange colours and monochromes. That second picture looks like you are hurtling into another dimension.

    1. Thanks, Richard! The M1X is a beast, big, sturdy, wonderful to hold and operate. What it is not is a unobtrusive camera, especially when combined with the big pro lenses. From functions and IQ, the M1X with the 12-100 F/4 is all I ever need. I love the stabilization that combo provides (5 sec handheld no problem), and with the Handheld highres shots that gives you 50MP images no need to carry a tripod on many occasions. Who needs full-frame 😉 ??

      1. Now that’s a camera Marcus. I haven’t read the reviews of it, so it’s great to hear your opinion. I’m stunned at 50mp with no tripod. I’ve been out with my 60mm macro today. It didn’t shoot much, but great to have a camera in my hand alongside my phone.

  2. You make me want to walk outside and take photographs (it’s late and pouring rain outside here in Michigan)! Great images, Marcus!

    1. Thanks, Tim, for your kind words! The horizontal bars are actually the mirror panels on the ceiling of the subway station. I photographed upwards, and as the panels seem to be a bit tilted, this is what gave the effect! Wish you a nice Sunday! Marcus

      1. Marcus, thank you for the explanation on the split image. You’ve got a great eye to see this. Most of us would not. I hope your Sunday is enjoyable and rewarding. Tim

  3. Those are really good images. I especially loved the shots with 7.5mm with the wonky distortions making the scenes look almost abstract. Terrific work.

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