OM-D E-M1X High Res Shot

Nuremberg Old Town and Pegnitz River
Riverside | Nuremberg | 2019

One of the great features of my new Olympus OM-D E-M1X is the ability to use sensor shift technology to increase the image resolution by combining multiple shots. This function is called High Resolution Photo (also referred to as High Res Shot or HRS). The camera takes 8 (in handheld mode 16) consecutive images and moves the sensor by half a pixel between each shot. The 8 pictures are then composited to create the final output. The resolution is 80MP for RAW and 50MP for JPG (when using a tripod) or 50MP for both RAW and JPG when shooting handheld.

The High Res Shot function was already built into the OM-D E-M1, but using a tripod was required. The hand held High Res Shot ability is unique to the M1X, and its processing method is different. With the hand held mode, the E-M1X takes 16 shots (instead of 8) and uses stabilization data between each frame to create the final photograph. The in camera processing time is around 10 seconds (hand held mode) or 5 seconds (tripod mode).

Check out this crop of the 30MB 8160×6120 pixel high res JPG when viewed at 100%. It becomes clear what amazing details you can capture handheld with that mode.

Another example is this panoramic view of Nuremberg’s Old Town as seen from the walls of the Imperial Castle.

Castle View | Nuremberg | 2019

And here is the crop of the image viewed at 100%:

There is a small caveat though: movement in the scene (moving people, car, foliage) is likely to create artifacts. That limits the use in certain scenarios with lots of movement. But for any architectural, panoramic or landscape photography the High Res Shot opens up a whole new possibility. Effectively it saves you carrying a longer telezoom, as you simply can crop into the larger image due to the higher resolution that was captured.

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  1. I have heard of bracketing and used it many times but this is even better. Great option for architecture photography

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