Winter is here

5 sec | f /11 | ISO 200 | 12mm

Last week, the first snow has graced the Streets of Nuremberg , a first sign that winter is here. Not that it stayed very long, gone quickly after a rain storm – we will be back to 12 degrees celsius next week, probably able to sit at those tables again. But it helped getting into the right winter mood. Five more work days until a nice long break well into the new year.

I took the photograph of the historic Tiergärtnertorplatz (with the famous Albrecht Dürer’s House in the center) in Old Town Nuremberg with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the fabulous 12-100mm F/4 allround zoom. I had to use a tripod to be able to shoot at f/11 and ISO 200, resulting in a five second shutter speed. RAW conversion and post processing in Lightroom Classic.

I’ll be using this weekend for some gear cleaning and checking for new firmware for my Olympus camera bodies and lenses. Both is needed once in a while and should not be neglected.

Wish you a great Saturday!


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  1. Während um den Christkindlesmarkt derzeit ganz schöner Rummel herrscht, ist Dir hier gelungen, eine beschauliche Stimmung einzufangen.
    Gute Weihnachtstage und beste Grüße

  2. It’s a great shot, the bit of snow and the chairs tilted toward the table tell the story beautifully. Last weekend I was lucky and took advantage of a free cleaning and firmware update by Olympus techs at a camera store outside of Seattle. It was convenient, and I’m sure they did a better job than I would have – I haven’t learned the ins and outs of sensor cleaning. (I’d love to see Durer’s house – maybe some day!)

      1. 🙂 I bought a sensor cleaning kit and it just sat there – I was scared too. What a stroke of luck to find out they would be in the neighborhood, even if it was an hour away – worth it. I think the self-cleaning mechanism only works up to a point. For now, my photos are free of those annoying smudges. I hope they come to a city near you sometime soon – it’s possible.

    1. Thanks, so much appreciated! It was actually quite late in the evening, and quite miserable outside due to the falling snow drizzle. Typically this place is crowded even at night.

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