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Up! | Nuremberg | 2019

Sometimes it is important to revisit your work. This image from The Significant Other climbing up the staircase of Nuremberg’s Schauspielhaus I posted already back in early 2019. While putting together our photographic yearbook of 2019, I was looking again at this photograph I took with my iPhone, and it still is one my fav images from last January.

I like it so much that I decided to pull it once more through the digital darkroom. A slightly different crop. Geometric correction. Cleanup of the ceiling from black devices/sensors in the same line as the bright lights. Eliminating the reflection of one of the sensors in the windows on the right. Different color treatment. Now it is a photograph I like even more than the original black and white version.

Composition and light are spot on. Have I said that generally my images have to have a human in them? This photograph would also work as a pure architectural shot without a person in it. But The Significant Other climbing the stairs, placed on the lower line according the rule of thirds, totally makes the image. It is still an architectural shot, but also a street photograph. And for me also a great memory of a nice evening. It is worth a printout, I already decided.

So sometimes it is worth to revisit your work. After it has marinated on your hard disk for nearly a year.

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  1. I love everything about this photo, Marcus! I can see why it’s become one of your favorites. Recently, I’ve also been having fun pulling my archives through Lightroom. 🙂

  2. Love the whole picture and explanation. Thank you for sharing , now I will start revising my own pictures and see if I can change them up to look as great as yours.

  3. The person definitely adds to this one..
    I haven’t been blogging much this year but have taken a lot of photos. Currently sorting and posting again. Great to see some ( many!) I had forgotten about !

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