Girl in self-isolation wrapped in blanket talking from a window
Isolation | Nuremberg | 2022

Two years into the pandemic, the family had its first case. Big Girl came down with Covid. Properly vaccinated and even boostered, her symptoms subsided after three days, but then she had to go into self-isolation for a good week, which turned out to be really hard for her. Living in the same house as grandma, aunt and cousin, she at least got her needed supplies delivered to her door. Being a pediatric oncology nurse, Big Girl took her self-isolation serious. Which meant we were able to see the kid only from down the sidewalk. But thankfully she’s healed, back at work now and up and running again.

February was a busy month that left not much time for photography and blogging. But I got myself a new camera. And sold a lot of my old APS-C stuff to pay for it.

And then, last weekend, after years of following each other’s blogs, I finally met another of my virtual friends face to face on the Streets of Nuremberg.

So plenty stories still to tell.

The photo of Big Girl at her window was taken with my iPhone.

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Have a great Friday


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  1. Good to hear you all cake good through the pandemic and that your Big Girl is able to contimnue her invaluablle work.

  2. Your daughter does important work and I’m glad she has a good support system around her for times like that. I’m glad things are back to normal. And the new camera – I’ll be interested to hear about it! Have a good weekend –

    1. Thanks, Lynn, appreciate your kind words so much! I took the splash and bought myself a Leica SL2-S. To compensate, I sold all my Fuji stuff, with which I never really bonded. Not willing to let go of my faithful Olympus gear, these cams will have to live in co-existence 😉

  3. I’m glad that your daughter is OK, Marcus! And people say that the vaccine doesn’t work?? I’m triple-vaccinated too. I’m interested to see what your new camera is. Be safe!

    1. Thanks, John, appreciate your kind words so much! The vaccine doesn’t fully protect against the Omicron mutant, but at least it prevents severe cases. I know quite a lot triple-vaccinated people who got Covid, but all had maximum two days of flu like symptoms and then fully recovered.

      As camera, I got myself a Leica full frame mirrorless. Sold all my Fuji stuff to (partially) pay for it. Really love it so far, still on a learning curve though…..

      1. Congrats on the new camera! My local camera shop has the Leica brand and wow are they expensive! You echo what I’ve heard from others about being triple-vaccinated, good deal! Our mask mandate has been taken down in Nevada and at least two other states I know of. I so hope that we humans everywhere now have a grip on this terrible virus and that it continues to reduce.

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