Girl dressed in a costume playing with a balloon - Carniball
Carniball | Genoa | 2023

The kids definitely had a lot of fun on the last Sunday of this year’s carnival season, with this girl playing carniball – get the pun? And deservedly so, after Covid all but eliminated the party in 2021 and 2022. These are a couple of snapshots I took in a Genoa food hall (“MOG“) the other weekend The Significant Other and I discovered by chance (a.k.a. Google Maps) when we where looking for a place to eat Sunday evening.

Market hall decorated with balloons for carnival

Carnival visitors dressed up and sitting at a bar

Two men sitting at a bar decorated with balloons

Food hall in carnival decorated with balloons

A small anecdote to this series. When we left the place, a young employee was starting to clean up the billions of confetti on the ground with a broom. When The Significant Other asked her if she didn’t have a vacuum cleaner, she smiled and replied she was the vacuum cleaner. Hopefully she is done in time for the 2024 session 😉

All photos where taken with my iPhone 14 Pro, post processed with Lightroom directly on the iPhone.

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  1. Stunning photos as always Marcus! I wouldn’t want that job of sweeping up all the confetti either. Hope things are going well for you all and that you are enjoying spending time in Genoa.

  2. Marcus, these are amazing moments that are full of life and joy! Looking at these photos I had a feeling that I also was in this amazing world of beautiful colors and great atmosphere.
    Very best wishes to you from me.

  3. Great iPhone photos, Marcus! It’s nice to see you again. I would use an electric leaf blower to get that stuff cleaned up faster. Nice venue!

    1. Thanks, John, the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro is a beast. Just love to do snapshots on it. The electric blower sure would have been a good idea. The MOG is a great food and event location in Genoa. Never knew it was there until we discovered it via Google Maps.

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