Bored in the Rain

Bored in the Rain 1

This morning I was bored in the rain. I was sitting in my car in the pouring rain, parked outside the doctor’s office, waiting for my appointment. What better way to overcome the boredom than picking up the iPhone and shooting some abstracts through the rain soaked windows. See more images after the jump…

Bored in the Rain 2

Bored in the Rain 3

Bored in the Rain 4

There is never a bad time to do some visual push-ups with your camera. Not even when you are bored in the rain.

If you are looking for more tips and inspirations around (street) photography, check out my free Learning center.

Have a great Thursday


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  1. These are wonderful photos, Marcus! I see that you are using your iPhone much more lately, great idea. I have captured some beautiful photos with my iPhone 12! I hope you got good news from the doctor.

    1. Thanks, John, much appreciated! Good observation, most pics these days I take with my iPhone 14 Pro, which has an awesome camera and sensor. It’s just so simple, as it is always in the pocket…

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