Backseat Passenger
Passengers | Genoa | 2023

Sometimes you wander through the streets with your camera in hand, and you wonder what comes next. Then something catches your eye. Looks real. But it is not. Illusions. You snap the picture. Then you see another…and another….and you have a little series going….

Sardine on cobble stones
Beached | Genoa | 2023

I give you that the reflection of the house in the puddle is rather mundane. Puddle shooting is nothing new on this blog, you can read about it here. The Sardine on the plaster and the bearded guy looking out of the backseat window are more subtle. One is a large oil painting of the fish on display in the window of a little gallery, with the wet plaster reflecting in the glass and thus superimposed on the Sardine. The other one (and my favorite of the three) being the poster of two musicians of an upcoming music act reflecting, perfectly fitted, in the backseat window of a passing car.

All of this can be photoshopped, but it is much for fun capturing the illusions live and as they happen. It trains the photographer’s eye. The daily visual push-ups….

Liquid House
Submerged | Genoa | 2023

I hope you feel inspired, want to grab the cam and go out hunting for your own illusions. Additional ideas of what to shoot you can find in my free Learning Center.

Have a great Sunday


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