Street Photography Quick Tip (12)


From the Gallery 01
1/8 sec @ f/22 and ISO 1600

Street Photography Quick Tip 12 – Shoot from a Gallery 

My Street Photography Quick Tips are short, easy to read and easy to use tips that I think could help you while shooting in the streets. Today’s post is about changing the usual perspective of taking photographs from eye level by shooting down from a gallery in a shopping center. For a few, hopefully inspirational images continue after the jump…

From the Gallery 03
1/8 sec @ f/20 and ISO 1600

November is rapidly approaching, and with it the grizzly grey and wet weather of the dull “in-between” month between the glorious colorful October days and the upcoming holiday season.

So when the weather is too wet for you to take your camera out in the streets, why don’t you try some street shooting in a shopping center. Many malls have multiple levels, which offers a great opportunity to change perspective and shoot downwards instead from the usual eye level.

Blurred Shopping Girls
1/8 sec @ f/6.3 and ISO 200

Many shopping centers have interesting floor designs, which make for great backdrops to the passing shoppers. Go for creative high contrast black and white shots.

You can combine this with slow shutter speeds of about 1/8 sec (always a great starting point to motion blur pedestrians) to achieve great blurry and dreamlike effects as the shoppers move about. Experiment by gyrating your camera a bit. Capture the life as it happens below you.

From the Gallery 07
1/100 sec @ f/5.4 and ISO 1600


From the Gallery 05
1/100 sec @ f/5.6 and ISO 1600


From the Gallery 08
1/125 sec @ f/5.6 and ISO 1600

So you see, heading to a shopping center and shooting street photos from a gallery gives you plenty of creative options, make sure you really “work” the scene to get some great results. You are welcome to post links to your photos in the comment section.

All photos taken with the Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 14-150mm F/4-5.6 Travel Zoom.

For more of my tips and inspirations around photography head over to my free Learning Center!

Have a great Friday!


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