Travel Day (8)

Clockmanagement | Schiphol | 2018

My first business travel of 2018 took me once more from Nuremberg via Amsterdam and Seattle to Portland, Oregon, where I arrived in surprisingly warm and dry weather after 19 hours total travel time at 2pm in the afternoon. For the airport I went straight to the office for an afternoon of meetings, before I collapsed in my hotel bed at 8pm in the evening and logged 8 hours of sleep before waking up at 4am this morning, a surprisingly long night considering the jet lag effects. To sum it up, back to business as usual for the job that pays the bills.

While connecting through Amsterdam Schiphol I saw a lady taking shots of the famous video screen clock in the international terminal area between the D and E gates. As during previous visits to AMS I myself have taken quite a few shots of the man inside the clock drawing, erasing and re-drawing the hands, I took my Ricoh Gr II I brought along as camera on this trip and shot this monochrome photo of a fascinated fellow traveler.

After the jump you find my original color shot of the video clock, a few photos of passengers on the walkway between B and C gates before I finish off with the high contrast monochrome landscape photo of a “broken mountain” that I took with my iPhone from the window of my Alaska Airlines Dash-8 on yesterday’s last leg from Seattle to Portland….

Taking Time
Taking Time | Schiphol | 2017

Schiphol Street Photography

Schiphol Street Photography

Schiphol Street Photography

Broken Mountain
Broken Mountain | Washington | 2018

This is an areal view of  Mount St. Helens, on of the Cascade’s great stratovolcanos. On May 18th 1980, Mount St. Helens lost its summit in one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions of the 20th century. In my series “Monday Mountains” I already introduced some of the other volcanos of the Cascades – Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. I never realized that I missed writing about Mt. St. Helens, so I will do that next Monday.

I wish you a great week!


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  1. OMG! Such stunning photos. It’s amazing how you can travel for business and make time for leisure at the same time. Do check out my blog posts too for some travel adventures 😀

  2. Great photos! You are lucky to combine business with pleasure! If you have time I apreciate if you will read some posts from my blog and tell me what I can improve. I have been writing for three months. Good luck!

  3. This certainly seems like a great place to visit, and I’ve only heard great things from those who have spent some time there. Thanks for sharing with us and happy traveling!

    Share your adventure with us and earn money. Check out our site to see how you can become a featured writer.

  4. I didn’t spend much time looking around the airport in Amsterdam. It being my first international flight was overwhelming enough. These captures tell me that I missed some awesome sights and will have to pay more attention if I return!! I love that capture of Mt. St. Helens. So much detail!!

  5. Amazing and what else can I say I haven’t said yet? But have I ever told you about how much I enjoy to come over to your block and be swept away by your beautiful photography and vision. Well if I have, please consider this a reminder and if I have not told you, then this was long overdue. Hugs

  6. First two captures are great, Marcus. I often wonder how people react with a camera in your hand? I’m sure the ones you capture were unaware that they were being “framed” but what about others?

    1. In this case they were all unaware. Typically I don’t shoot in a sneaky way, but go openly about my photographic business. This helps so much, because people tend to notice you less when you act naturally. If I make eye contact I usually smile at them and nod a “thank you” after I took the image. If they signal they don’t want to get their picture taken I accept that and move on. It definitely helps that I don’t point a big Nikon or Canon with huge zoom onto their faces, Using my tiny Ricoh GR II and my small Olympus mirrorless cams I don’t look “professional”, which tends to let me just go by with my shooting.

      1. Happy to hear about interesting style of yours Marcus. In India people on the Street like vendors etc don’t mind being clicked if you are friendly. They will love to look at your capture too.

      1. Marcus, it’s nice that you say that considering the political turmoil that we’ve been experiencing for the last couple of years. It’s hard to divorce one self from all that is happening.

  7. What a fantastic collection of images, Marcus — once again you prove you can handle any subject with technical skill and artistry! I think my favorite in this set is the first, only because it stopped my brain in its tracks to figure out what the heck I was seeing. That image of Mount St. Helens is also stunning, though. Good to be back on the road with you! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your great feedback, Heide, always so much apprecited! Watching the travelers figuring out the clock in Amsterdam is always a fun thing to do for a few minutes while connecting. The view of St. Helens was indeed awesome, too bad I only had the iPhone and even had to lean over the psychotherapist traveling back from Norway who had the window seat 😉

      1. You got that shot of St. Helens on an iPhone, while leaning over a Norwegian therapist?! WOW. Multiply my admiration by 10, Marcus. 😀

    1. They are indeed, Timothy, especially as the prop planes from SEA to PDX pass directly over Rainier and St. Helens in a low altitude, due to the short flight. Thanks for commenting! Marcus

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