A Touch of Spring

Sun Walled
Sun Walled | Nuremberg | 2018

Together with the Significant Other I headed into town yesterday, where we seemingly met the rest of Nuremberg’s population, as everybody was drawn out to just a touch of spring, with the sun shining from a spotless sky and temperatures hitting almost double digits. And everyone was trying to find her or his spot in the sun.

Oranges | Nuremberg | 2018

I brought the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4 for some snapshots of the sun seekers. Oh, and just for the case I haven’t mentioned it yet on this photography blog (I know I have numerous time), don’t forget to check your camera settings before you start shooting, they might be way off from your last photographic outing.

Stupid me shot the whole afternoon with ISO 3200, which was still dialed in from me shooting the inflight Polar Lights during my return flight from Portland last weekend. No I was lucky, because the OM-D handles noise quite well and there is no issue of having a grainy look on street photographs. Best is we all put a piece of paper in your camera bags with the text “check your settings”….or better make it a habit to reset them after every outing with your camera.

Flying Coffee
Flying Coffee | Nuremberg | 2018
Spring Break
Spring Break | Nuremberg | 2018

So far it was a good weekend, with the beautiful sunny Saturday. The daughter of a very good friend married yesterday, and at least they got very decent weather for their special day, after a mostly grey and cold week. Also this morning looks promising, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, although temperatures are still way below freezing. But I hope again for the afternoon, and coffee and cake in the sun. And some more photography with the correct ISO 😉

If you still seek some tips and inspirations for your photographic outing today,  check out my free Learning Center and get inspired.

Wish you all a happy and sunny Sunday!


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      1. Marcus, you’re welcome. I have this picture in my head that I saw years ago of a line of men in dark coats leaning a against a wall looking upward to what must have been the sun. Their face are lit by the sun’s light. Your image reminds me to that still remembered photograph.

  1. My cousin celebrated her birthday in your home town on Sunday and I was close to you. I got to sneak away before a family movie to shoot a bridge with the phone. Pathetic lol but better than nothing. Next time I hope we get a chance to meet. I might have to take the train or something like it since I still don’t have a car. Fingers crossed and I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    1. So close….we’ll make it. We’ll be in Austria over Easter and after a short week home we’ll head to NYC for a week, the trip I gave my wife for her 50th. But we will meet eventually. Important you get your Mom on track as much as possible!Hugs!

      1. That sounds like so much fun and I know you will enjoy your time with loved ones and family. I know we will make it and meet somehow this time, there is no other way and I won’t leave before we do. Happy Easter weekend Marcus.

  2. Lovely sun and lovely photos! We had a moment of glory yesterday too, but I forgot to take my camera with me. Next time, I say, next time :)))

    1. The classic zoom lens effect. I was shooting at the far end of my tele-zoom, which very much compresses the perspective. People were standing close together at the bridge railing, but not that close 😉

  3. Marcus, these are great and sunny photographs!!! Just looking at them I feel that I also walked on the streets of Nuremberg and celebrated spring 🙂

  4. Still very pretty photos!!
    Hey, I’m doing a school project about diversity around the world and I was wondering if you could help me with a section on Germany?

  5. I too have this issue of using high ISO without noticing. But usually it’s 400 and sometimes it’s 800.
    I love the second and the third shot.

  6. Enjoy your touch of spring 🙂 It seems to have winged its way over here today with blue sky everywhere. Brief respite I think though.

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