Travel Day (17)

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Travel Dreams | Nuremberg | 2019

I’m back in the air this morning, this travel day taking me once more from Nuremberg via Amsterdam to Portland, Oregon. The direct routing from Europe to the Pacific Northwest avoids weather induced travel delays while connecting through an eastern or central US airport. Fingers crosses, of course, but I’m leaving the sunny streets of Nuremberg for the, according to my iPhone weather app, equally sunny but even warmer Rose City. Not that I will get much out of it, as I’m staying only four and a half days and it will be all work (plus maybe a dinner or two).

Still, I’m hoping for some evening shooting opportunities in Portland, to further thoroughly test a newly acquired camera body. Yes, I have to admit I succumbed to a serious case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). After five years I upgraded from my faithful workhorse Olympus OM-D E-M1 to the new star cam on the micro four thirds sky, the OM-D E-M1X. I guess Olympus put an “X” behind the name because the camera is equally overpriced as the latest Apple iPhones.

Still, I do love my new baby (The Significant Other rightly stated I better do), after a first shooting session on the Streets of Nuremberg on Saturday. The new features are totally amazing, ergonomics is as good as any camera can be. Although marketed as a sports and wildlife camera for professionals, I it is also a perfect street shooter, mainly to the significantly improved auto focus that blew me away. A real upgrade over the E-M1. Stay tuned for my in-depth hands-on experiences.

Have a great week!


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  1. Good luck! If you have time in Oregon, I would recommend checking out Eugene and Newport. Eugene is a much more beautiful city than Portland, in my opinion, and Newport is a small coastal town that is absolutely lovely during this time of year. If you have a chance, try BJ’s Ice Cream. It is locally made and has 14% butter fat. You do not need much at all to be completely satisfied, and it is absolutely decadent. Safe travels, my friend! I cannot wait to read more about your trip.

    1. Thanks, appreciate your kind words! I have been to Newport (beautiful), but never too Eugene. I will be back in the Rose City in June. Looking forward being back in Oregon! Marcus

      1. I did this trip recently! My husband’s father was raised there. Super interesting trip, lots of family!

  2. Congrats on the new camera Marcus! 5 years sounds like a good amount of time to have spent with the last one. 😉

  3. Congratulations on your new body. I don’t think you qualify for a GAS category. Five years is quite a length of time between purchases. I’ll look forward to seeing the images that are forthcoming.

      1. You’re welcome. We both know people who jump on every new product available. 5 years is a long time when it comes to technology.

  4. I know a few husbands suffering from G.A.S… one of them personally. I tell him not to tell me how much he paid 😉 Enjoy your new toy Marcus!

  5. I guess you’ll be here soon…I hope the weather holds, and it looks like it will. And I hope you get outside, so you can play with the new camera. I’ll be interested to hear more about it. I’ve had the OM-D EM-1 for years. The upgrade just seems to pricey for me, especially since I’m not likely to make good use of the video….but I just saw your comment above about Procapture…that sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Lynn, we’re supposed to land in 90 minutes 😉 I’ll keep you posted about the M1X! All Olympus fans hope that the features like ProCapture and handheld HighRes will find eventually find their way to the M1 / M5 as well.

  6. “I guess Olympus put an “X” behind the name because the camera is equally overpriced as the latest Apple iPhones”. So Funny! Some tools (aka toys) are worth it though, aren’t they?! I’m looking forward to seeing more from your new camera.

  7. Wow, Marcus … congratulations on your new baby! 🙂 I’ll be eager (as always) to see your work.

  8. Oh wow, das heißt dann aber vielleicht auch bald mehr iPhone Bilder hier zu sehen oder? Bist du zuversichtlich die x regelmäßig dabei zu haben? Ist ja schon ein amtliches Teil ☺️
    Aber hoher fun factor, das glaube ich sofort 😄
    Viel Spaß!

    1. Danke 🙂 ! Die X mit dem 12-100 ist schon ein solides “Packerl” 😉 Aber wie sie in der Hand liegt, ein Hammer. Und mit der Performance und den Features, ich glaube nicht dass ich sie viel zuhause lassen werde. Da wird die M1 wohl unter den Hammer kommen…Hab ja noch die PEN-F wenn’s mal “extra light” sein muss 😉 …LG Marcus

      1. Ja, stimmt, die pen-f … 😄
        Ich wollte die x Mal ausleihen und bin jetzt noch gespannter als vorher… Viele Grüße!

    1. Thanks, Hien, with the ProCapture feature (shooting 18 frames prior and post pressing the shutter) this is great for bird photography, captured a Canada goose in town with perfectly spread wings. I’m sure it will bring years of joy 😉 ! Marcus

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