Corner with a view

Woman standing leaned on handicapped parking sign talking into phone
False Parking | Portland | 2019

Street Photography is standing on a street corner with a view. Camera ready. Waiting what’s going to happen. Watching the stories and faces of the street. I took four street photographs within a couple of minutes, standing at the same corner.

Man standing in front of park meter seemingly lost with the instructions
Instructions | Portland | 2019
Man with funny hat typing in his phone waiting at a red traffic light
Red Light | Portland | 2019
Family standing shoulder to shoulder waiting at a red traffic light
Crossing | Portland | 2019

The fun about it is, you never know what comes next. Also, when standing still, leaned against a lamp pole, you blend in as a photographer. Nobody really notices you. Well, almost…..

Wish you a great Wednesday!


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  1. I love ordinary moments like these — crystallizing them in an image makes them extraordinary, somehow. And I love the gaze of the woman in the first photo, especially! It’s a charming combination or surprise and curiosity.

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