NürnbergMesse Instawalk (1)

Silhouette of Photographers
1/160sec – f/4 – ISO400 – 75mm

Last night I have joined another Instawalk organized by the admins of the Nuremberg Instagram community @igers_nuernberg. This time, a group of 22 Instagramers toured the exhibition grounds of NürnbergMesse equipped with cameras and tripods. The group was led by two admins and two friendly staff members from the NürnbergMesse. To check out some initial impressions from the walk, continue after the jump….

Empty Fair Hall at NürnbergMesse
2.5sec – f/11 – ISO200 – 12mm

As currently there is no trade fair at NurembergMesse, we had access to empty exhibition halls as well as the entrance and conference areas. Plenty of opportunity for me to put my new Olympus OM-D E-M1X to the test (with my Zuiko 12-100mm F/4 Pro Zoom), and I also brought my PEN-F with my WALIMEX Pro 7,5mm 1:3.5 Fish-Eye, plus a tripod.

Entrance Hall at NürnbergMesse with Fisheye
1/20sec – f/8 – ISO1600 – 7.5mm
Photographer kneeling in front of Entrance Gates
1/60sec – f/4 – ISO800 – 28mm
Hall 4A at NürnbergMesse
1/100sec – f/13 – ISO200 – 35mm
Art in NürnbergMesse
1/13sec – f/4 – ISO1600 – 12mm
Stair in Hall3C at NürnbergMesse designed by Zaha Hadid
1/2 sec – f/16 – ISO200 – 12mm

Highlight of the tour was the visit of the brand new Exhibition Hall 3C, designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid (who passed away in 2016, just three weeks prior to the begin of the construction work).

Hall 3C at NurembergMesse
5sec – f/16 – ISO200 – 66mm

The above photographs are just a quick first selection from my numerous images from the walk. Stay tuned, because there is more to come once I had time to do my editing and post-processing.

I really enjoyed the walk with the group of likeminded photographers, and we all had fun with the tour and the inspirations we took from one another, as each participant had different artistic takes on what and how to photograph. Thanks to the admins for organizing the walk and for NürnbergMesse to make it possible. I’m already looking forward joining another walk of the the Nuremberg Instagram community (which happens to be coming Sunday).

If you want to pick up your camera and are looking for tips and inspirations around photography, check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a fabulous Tuesday!


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  1. What a fantastic idea — and what fantastic shots you got, Marcus! I bet you inspired more than one of your fellow photographers during this outing. 🙂

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