Street ? Airport ! (7)

Schiphol Street Photography

On the road again towards Portland. Well, I should rather say in the skies again, as I’m currently somewhere above Canada on my Delta flight from AMS to PDX. As usual I used the layover in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport for some Street Photography in the Terminal. To see what I captured during this connection continue reading after the jump…

Schiphol Street Photography

Looking at my photos during the flight I noticed that almost everyone I captured was looking at his/her phone. This is why shooting at Airports is quite easy, as busy travelers tend to overlook you.

Schiphol Street Photography

It is anyones guess what they are looking at…Doing work -mails, sending a WhatsApp to their loved ones, checking the news or the assigned gate for the next flight.

Schiphol Street Photography

All photos in this series were taken with my Olympus PEN-F and the mZuiko 12-40mm F/2.8 Pro Zoom, so I had to be relatively close to my subjects. I had set the camera to P-mode and Auto ISO 1600, so I only had to concentrate on finding scenes, composition and pressing the shutter.

Schiphol Street Photography

Obviously I also got some none “looking at cell phone” images.

Schiphol Street Photography

Schiphol Street Photography

Schiphol Street Photography

I leave you with my favorite shot of this session. This shot was a bit of trail and error, I snapped about ten photos before I got the one I was after, the stride of the single traveler matching the one of the Johnnie Walker statue in the background, without any other passenger walking in the shot, as this is a super busy area of the Terminal.

I will stay in Portland for almost two weeks including the next weekend, finally some opportunity to do some real sightseeing. But I plan also for some late evening shooting in the streets of the Rose City, continuing my series I started with this post. Stay tuned!

I wish everyone a great week!


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  1. Marcus it seems to me that anywhere you go now, people are on their phones, far better to be behind a camera. As you say they never notice when you are taking shots of them, totally unaware, good for us 🙂 Lovely captures and I love the handbag shot and the last shot is brilliant 🙂

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