Rip City Experience

Rip City Experience 01

After flying into Portland on Tuesday and four intense work days, I finally got off Friday night and treated myself to something special, visiting my first ever professional basketball game. The opportunity was too good to pass up, as defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors came to town to take on Portland’s Trail Blazers, both currently in second and third place in the Western Conference. For my photographs of this memorable evening and some in game experience continue after the jump….

Rip City Experience 02

As I couldn’t be sure to be able to leave the office in time, I didn’t pre-book any tickets, but rather decided to try my luck directly at the Moda Center Ticket Office, and got lucky, despite the game ultimately selling out with a crowd of 19.487. Prices were hefty though, so I settled for a seat high in the upper (third) level of the huge arena, but visibility of the court was still excellent. I also saved on parking, as just a relaxed 10 minute walk away from the Rose Quarter complex is plenty of free parking on the streets.

Rip City Experience 03

It was awesome to see those elegant athletes play, and with the likes of Stephen Curry,  Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard it was the best of the best that put on quite a display of their extraordinary skills.

Rip City Experience 04

After initially the Blazer pulled away, Golden State made in close again and even went ahead in the third quarter, but it was an exiting game altogether, with the hometown crowd plus tons of Golden State Fans in the house put on a truly electric atmosphere.

Rip City Experience 05

Rip City Experience 06

Rip City Experience 07

Also the show elements at half-time and during the team time outs where really entertaining.

Rip City Experience 08

Rip City Experience 09

Rip City Experience 10

Rip City Experience 11

Portland’s CJ McCollum scored 30 points, Damian Lillard added 28 and the Portland Trail Blazers won their ninth straight game with a 125-108 victory over the Golden State Warriors. In the end it was all celebrations and a memorable Rip City experience.

Rip City Experience 12

Rip City, by the way, is a Portland nickname mostly associated with the Trail Blazers. The term was shouted out by a play-by-play announcer during a game in the Blazer’s first season (1971) when a seamingly hopeless long distance shot went in. The announcer admitted later that he has no idea how he came up with the expression, but it stuck and became synonymous with the team and the city of Portland.

For sure this post would qualify also for this week’s WPC with the title “Story”.

The weather forecast for my weekend in the Pacific Northwest is outstanding, so I’m looking forward for some shooting the the town on Saturday and a trip to the coast on Sunday.

Wish you all a great weekend!


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  1. Your pictures came out great Marcus! I’ve only been to one professional basketball game. It was Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat. It’s been close to 20 years ago though!! 🙂

  2. What a marvelous post! Proof once again that you can turn anything into a grand adventure, Marcus. Wonderful photos, as usual.

  3. Nice! Is that a MFT lens? I might have to pick something like that up. What’s is is a constant aperture throughout?

  4. Excited for you that you get to experience PDX this weekend! I was at the game as well. I go often but this one was definitely exciting! Im also spending the rest of the weekend at the coast. Nothing more suiting considering the weather. Enjoy yourself. Looking forward to your follow up!

    1. How cool is that, you being at the game as well! And we will also share the coastal experience, as I will head out to do some hiking along the Ocean tomorrow. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Katie, much appreciated! Marcus

  5. Great photos and “play by play”, Marcus. Loved your post even though I didn’t like the outcome of the game! Signed, a Warrior fan. 😄

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