A quick Sunday Movie Quiz

Passengers | Portland | 2018

Used my free Saturday in the Rose City for some street shooting and shopping, before finishing off a relaxed outing with watching a great performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem by the Oregon Symphony in the historic Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (next to the Heathman Hotel).

Endangered Species
Endangered Species | Portland | 2018

Both photos were taken with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the mZuiko 12-100mm F/4. Specs of the first image was 1/125 sec @ f/4 and ISO 500, 61mm focal length, the second image was shot with 1/200 sec @ f/6.3 and ISO 200, 100mm focal range.

While browsing quickly through my images this Sunday morning I found that the combination of two of yesterday’s shots make for a great movie quiz.

Can you guess the title? Leave your answer in the comment section.

After uploading this post I will head out to the Oregon coast for some hiking on the cliffs of Cascade Head. I really need to maximize my free weekend in the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for some photos.

Wish you all a great Sunday!


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  1. I am so bad on quizzes that I even don’t dare to try.
    Marcus, you have a wonderful talent to turn ordinary into extraordinary.
    I love these photos a lot. They have mood and life!

  2. We were at Verdi’s Requiem last night, too! Dinner after at Higgens. Listening to Il Trovatore this morning. Hope you have a great day at the coast. We’ll have to find an actual rendezvous while you’re here!

    1. How ’bout that 🙂 ! It was a splendid performance I thoroughly enjoyed. No dinner for me though, I need to shed some pounds 🙂 My day at the coast was great, post is up. And yes, we need to meet on one of my next trips to PDX.

    1. Not quite, Peter 😉 ! Actually the streetcar had nothing to do with it, only the boxer in its window. And the tiger backpack. The movie is Rocky III – “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor was the title song 🙂 ! Thanks for playing along! Marcus

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