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Today it was finally travel day again, my first out-of-country business trip of the year. Just a one day trip from Nuremberg to Zurich. I left 5:15 to drive to the airport for the 7am flight to ZRH, needing the extra time due to the couple of inches of snow on the ground, as it had continued to snow throughout the night (last night I took camera and tripod to town for some awesome shooting of the snow-covered Old Town and the Imperial Castle – post coming up). For the rest of the photos and the days story continue after the jump….

Icy Departure

As you can see from the above shot out of the airplane window, there was plenty of snow to be removed from the aircraft that had spent the night sitting out in the snow and the cold, so de-icing the plane and warming up the engines led to a 30 minute delay until we finally took of. I did carry the Ricoh GR II in my bag (I hardly ever leave home without a camera), but kept shooting all day with my iPhone Xs.

Leaving Nuremberg Airport

So barely a week after joining an Instawalk at the airport I was back as passenger for one of many departures (I average about 15 flights out of NUE airport a year).

Business Travel

While the Streets of Nuremberg haven’t been graced by any sunshine for days, I was rewarded with a great sunrise above the snowstorm below. Despite all that flying I do, I never get tired enjoying the views out of the window.

Above the Snowstorm


Approaching Zurich

With some beautiful view of clouds and landscape under the rising sun, we arrived at ZRH half an hour late, which had me miss my train to Zug, so instead of taking a direct train for the 45 minute ride to our offices I had to take a different line and needed to change trains in Thalwil (which is home to the Lindt chocolate factory and outlet), where  I did take the selfie in front of a billboard advertisement on the platform. The big poster with the two ladies and their overlapping faces caught my eye (a photographer’s habit, I seem to unconsciously always be on the lookout for unusual things to shoot) and I decided to add my face to theirs.

In the end I arrived 15 minutes late for my meeting (I hate being late, although given the weather impact there was not much I could do about it), but we finished in time in the afternoon to catch a train back to the airport and an on-time departure back to Nuremberg. The flight home was on of those where I fell asleep while the aircraft was still at the gate and woke up again as the wheels hit the runway in Nuremberg, where it was till snowing, although this shot out of the window makes it look much worse as it really was, as it was the wind from the turbines of the Q400 that swirled up all the snow from the ground, and the roads for the drive home where all clear.

Return to Nuremberg

Tomorrow I will be on the road again for a trip to corporate headquarters in Munich, but taking the train, and with the hope for some more “on the fly” photographs of the things that catch my eye.

Wish you a great Thursday


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  1. Sorry to hear that the weather has been less than stellar, Marcus. Love those shots that you managed to capture. And that selfie is awesome!! Great use of your surroundings! I’m going to have to tuck that idea away for if I should ever find myself in front of a billboard! 🙂

  2. Loved seeing your photos and hearing about your travels, Marcus. I used to travel to Zug when I worked for a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary. J&J offices are (or were) in Zug.

  3. Love the selfie Marcus and the others 🙂 There was a lot of snow in Landsberg last week, but of course the roads were all clear, just mountains of snow on the side walks. I got lots of snow photos, so I was really happy 🙂 Lynne

  4. Some beautiful photographs. I always get a window seat and never leave home without my camera! Interesting to read about flying in snow. Yesterday a flight was delayed at a regional airport here because the tarmac was sticky from heat!

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