Liquid Houses

Camogli Church seen from a submerged camera
1/250 sec – f/8 – ISO 100

This is how it looks when you photograph the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta in the moment a wave washes over your camera and the lens is half submerged.

Camogli Houses reflections in the water
1/160 sec – f/10 – ISO 100

Now if this wasn’t a real tabloid teaser. But if you continued reading what happened to my E-M1X once it took a dive in the Golfo Dei Poeti on the Ligurian coast, I have to disappoint you. For this series I have been using my old little Olympus Tough TG-4 action cam, which is the perfect piece of gear to go swimming with.

Sunbathers reflection in the water on an Italian beach
1/160 sec – f/16 – ISO 160

The Significant Other and myself have transferred ourselves to Genoa for a couple of days, to see old friends and enjoy the bustling and colorful life in our former hometown. With the heat and humidity in the city becoming a bit too much, we decided to heat to nearby Camogli for a refreshing dip into crystal clear water on this beautiful pebbled beach directly in front of the arena of historic, colorful houses of this historic little seafarers town.

1/250 sec – f/10 – ISO 100

Camogli is our favorite spot when going to a beach near Genoa, and I can’t get enough of the reflections of the colorful buildings in the water. The water surface was smooth enough to capture the liquified buildings by holding the lens directly above the waterline when pressing the shutter.

Camogli Houses reflections in the water
1/250 sec – f/8 – ISO 100

Depending on the movement of the water you get totally different shapes of liquid houses.

Camogli Church reflections in the water
1/500 sec – f/8 – ISO 100

I hope you liked this little collection of liquid houses. Today we will brace the heat and head into Genoa’s Centro Storico and to the old harbor, perfect places for some shopping and street shooting.

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Wish you a great Tuesday!


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  1. I ADORE this series, Marcus! Just as I love how you never stop exploring new ways to see.

  2. I love to shoot photos of water ripples and see how they come out. Will have to try your technique but keep my camera out of the water. Genoa looks cool. Will be passing through on the train in September. Cheers Marcus. Allan

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