Man at work

Man at work
1/200 sec – f/4 – ISO 400 – 100 mm

No, this is not me. But this is how the life of me (the aspiring photographer) has been the past two weeks. Almost literally.

Since returning from our Italian vacation things have been crazy. We went through extensive renovations in our house, the job that pays the bills has blessed me with a couple of new (and complex) projects and on top I shot a wedding (as official photographer) which was also a first for me. And I had to dedicate time to our creative magazine startup “Ginger“. All good reasons why the “Streets of Nuremberg” have gone a little under the wheels. A man at work.

But no worries, here I am, alive and cooking and almost back to my normal self, as I’m currently heading once more to Oregon for a week-long stint on my project in the Rose City. And things could be much worse than spending the coming weekend in the PNW.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Great capture, Marcus! Ugghh, renovations. I love them once they are finished, but they are so exhausting during the process.

  2. Busy busy busy but such wonderful and worthwhile projects and you are needed everywhere. That comes with the territory when you are “that” amazing. Big hug

  3. Glad it was just work keeping you from posting, Marcus. Hope you were able to click anyway. “A click a day keeps the doctor away!”

  4. I’m glad your back too Marcus! And I passed through one of your favorite airports the other day, Chicago O’Hare. Have a safe trip to our PNW. 😎

      1. I didn’t go that way apparently, never saw anything like that! I’ve seen it only via your photos. Just got home. Ahhhhhh. Home.

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