My photographic journey through 2019 (2)

Rush Hour in Nuremberg Subway
Subway Rush

Part 2 of my five part series looking back at my photographic journey through 2019 features favorite images from my hometown Nuremberg, the city that gives this blog its name.

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg
Nuremberg Airport

Spending less time on travel for the job that pays the bills resulted in being more at home in 2019. That gave me more time to venture out and explore my own city. This was also the year I connected with the Nuremberg Instagram community. And so I had the opportunity to join Instawalks to location where normally photography is not permitted. Like visiting Nuremberg’s Albrecht Dürer Airport, the NürnbergMesse Convention Center and the subway system (links to my blog posts about the Instawalks at the end of this post). Not only was I able to photograph fascinating places, but the real fun was connecting to some great likeminded photographers.

Parking Garage at Nuremberg Airport
Airport Garage
Snow-covered Tiergärtnertorplatz in Nuremberg
Old Town Winter Dream
Frozen Houses in Nuremberg Oldtown
Frozen Houses

February brought some snow, creating a beautiful winter atmosphere in the Old Town. I ran around town for a full evening (with an aluminium tripod- that I since changed into a carbon version) and I nearly froze to death. But I bagged myself some beautiful images of historic Nuremberg below the Imperial Castle.

Eppelein Sprung auf der Nürnberger Kaiserburg
Eppelein Jump at the Imperial Castle
Nuremberg Convention Center
Nuremberg Convention Center
Zaha Hadid Staircase in Nuremberg Convention Center
Zaha Hadid designed staircase in Convention Center
Nuremberg Imperial Castle in front of the setting sun
Imperial Castle

Another first was to finally head out to Rechenberg Park. From here, twice a year, you can photograph the sun setting directly behind the Imperial castle. Definitely one of Nuremberg’s most spectacular views.

Nuremberg Old Town from Pegnitz River
Old Town River View

What is always nice is a photo walk through the Old Town along the Pegnitz River. You can crisscross the seven bridges that connect the Lorenzer- and Sebalder districts of historic Nuremberg.

St Lorenz
St Lorenz Church

And in December I finally climbed the North tower of St. Lorenz Church for spectacular night views across Nuremberg Old Town. The photo below shows the view towards St. Sebald Church and the Imperial Castle. It was taken from the gallery around the left tower, just below the green-roofed tower tops.

Nuremberg Old Town Night Panorama
My Hometown

I hope you enjoyed this little visual tour around the 2019 Nuremberg, a glimpse into the variety our city has to offer to its visitors. Have I mentioned that Nuremberg is applying to be Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2025 ?

Stay tuned for more of my photographic journey through 2019. Tomorrow I will post my favorite images from shooting people and events, like my first stint as official wedding photographer.

If you want to pick up your photography in 2020 and are looking for tips and inspirations, check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a great Saturday!


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  1. A beautiful collection Marcus and I love the contrast between the airport shots and those of the old town – you live in a very photogenic place!

  2. Striking photos, Marcus. I have to ask, in the last shot, “My Hometown”, what happened to the construction crane that is seen on the horizon in your post “A magic view”? Also in the same image I got a kick out of the Smiley Face that is on the tower in the building in the bottom slightly left of center. Must have been a large garland under the two windows? Anyway, I appreciate your montage!

    1. Great catch! In the close-up, I decided to retouch out the crane. If you look, you still can see the open roof of one of the castle buildings. Love your smiley observation. It does look like on. But it’s not a garland, it’s the dial of a sun dial 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! Marcus

  3. How beautiful your city is during holidays! That is so great to explore it again. Marcus, you created wonderful and unique photographs. It’s such a pleasure to look at them.

  4. Fantastic photos – abstract and original and such a good way to look back at 2019
    And my fav here is the airport garage – but glad we do not have to pick a fav

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