My photographic journey through 2019 (3)

Soap bubble bridal couple

2019 has been the year where I started doing commissioned photography work. That’s why part 3 of my five part series looking back at my photographic journey through 2019 features images from my first official stint as wedding photographer, my first fashion shooting plus some more people shots.

Monochrome Bride
Fun Wedding Picture

Shooting my first wedding as official photographer was something definitely out of my comfort zone. But in the end it was so much fun, accompanying the bridal couple through their day, shooting everything from the formal portraits in the morning to documenting the emotions of the ceremony. From taking the all-important group shots to capturing the fun of the party. A whole day with a camera in my hand.

Bride and kids
Groom and Kids
Power of the Ring
Romantic bridal couple
Walk down the aisle
Love is in the air
Wedding Dance
Wedding Dance - Vamp style

So this was my first real brush with wedding photography (links to my blog posts about the wedding are below at the end of this post). The results where much better than what I had hoped for, in total I delivered almost 900 photographs and a beautiful lay-flat large format wedding album. The best 40 images I delivered already online the next day. The newlyweds where totally happy with the results. What is even better, I already got inquiries from people who got to see the album. I’m seriously considering turning this into a little side business.

TFP Fashion Shooting

In April I connected with model Susana Valentina ( for an opportunity for a TFP (time for pictures) fashion shooting. Susana was looking for images to add to her portfolio in the agency database, and I got my first every opportunity to shoot with someone who has modeling experience.

TFP Fashion Shooting
TFP Fashion Shooting
TFP Fashion Shooting

Towards the end of the year, I also shot a commissioned event within the context of Nuremberg’s application to become Europe’s Cultural Capital in 2025. While I haven’t shared any images on this blog, they also came out great and are being used by the N2025 application committee and the “Ginger-Magazine” project I’m involved with.

Nora Steiner
Jazz Concert

I also shot a couple of concerts, something I love to do with my PEN-F, you can find the posts by typing “concert” in the search field up on top of this blog.

The Significant Other

Finishing up with a selfie and a portrait of The Significant Other, 2019 was the year where I ramped up my people and event photography. Besides my usual street- and travel photography, there is some potential to turn this into a little side business. Keep reading this blog in 2020 to find out whether this will be the year I turn (semi-) pro.

I hope you enjoyed this little visual tour around the 2019 Nuremberg, a glimpse into the variety our city has to offer to its visitors. Have I mentioned that Nuremberg is applying to be ?

Stay tuned for more of my photographic journey through 2019. Tomorrow I will post my favorite travel images.

Here are the direct links to part 1 and part 2 of my 2019 photographic review, if you have missed them.

If you want to pick up your photography in 2020 and are looking for tips and inspirations, check out my free Learning Center.

Wish you a great Sunday!


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  1. I have NEVER felt like shooting weddings! You are a far, far, braver man than me!!! Clearly though your courage was based on skill and you nailed it.

    I shot this year also for the first time with somebody who has modelling experience, in fact with two people. It’s a whole different experience to photographing friends isn’t it? I learned a lot from the experience and would really like to do more in 2020.

    Great photos of you and your significant other too

  2. Beautiful wedding shots Marcus, I love the variety and the monochrome looks gorgeous too. I wish you every success with this new venture!

  3. You’ve had a very good year, Marcus. I’m glad it was fun, especially.
    I’m looking forward to the coming year and what wonders you find through the lens.
    thanks for all the work to share your images.

  4. Shooting weddings can be so stressful, especially for friends or family. But, all your stress turned into a great result. Thanks for sharing your journey, Marcus. Allan

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