Christopher Columbus Monument in Genova, Italy
Columbus | Genoa | 2023

Here’s another street photograph using reflections to capture the viewer’s attention. Two passersby become three under the watchful eyes of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America. The legendary seafarer was born in Genoa around 1451.

His monument, built in 1862, is located in the Piazza Acquaverde in Genoa, directly next to the main train station, Stazione Principe. The statue of Colombo stands on top of a large marble pedestal, his left hand rests on an anchor while his right is on the shoulder of a figure of America typified by a kneeling Indian maiden holding a cross in the right hand. At each of the four corners of the base stands a smaller square pedestal, on each of which is a seated statue, representing Piety, Science, Constancy and Prudence.

In recent years, the Columbus Memorial has been the subject of controversy, as some people have criticized Columbus for his treatment of the indigenous peoples he encountered in the Americas. There have been discussions to remove the monument, but it remains a prominent landmark in the city of Genoa.

The image was taken with my iPhone 14 Pro and post-processed in Lightroom Classic.

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  1. Marcus, this is a breathtaking photograph! You managed to capture so much! People, modern and old, and even mirror reflections… This is a unique photo!

  2. Great photo, Marcus, the symmetry is lovely. I don’t think that Columbus discovered America. The Vikings were here first based on what I have seen and read, and perhaps others. Some want the statues taken down for politically correct reasons which I find disgusting.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and kind words, John, highly appreciated! I think it is commonly accepted now that the Vikings where there first. Too bad for them their PR department wasn’t any good 😉

      1. A good point, they made a bad forst impression. I have never liked that Columbus guy anyway. Why has this not been fully recognised? Let’s get rid of Columbus Day!

      2. Sure, artifacts from them have been found in the Canadian provinces on the east coast from before Columbus was here.

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